January 01, 2020


The Johnstone Supply System Selector will save you time and take the headache out of AHRI
Certified matched systems. The System Selector is a simple and intuitive program that returns robust,
accurate results will all of the information a contractor needs to order equipment from you.

Filtered navigation walks you through search results to
determine the system that meets specification and
application needs:
Sort Results, Export to Exce,l Results include JS part number and model number for all components SEER EER and HSPF for each system

Johnstone’s efficiency suite eliminates unbillable hours that drain profit. We have solutions that put time back in your day and money back in your pocket to help you grow your business faster.

Replenishment, purchasing and invoicing programs that eliminate unbillable time are available for high volume customers who submit multiple orders or wish to optimize inventory. 

Quick, easy, “on the go” access to:

• Warranty Express: Add, look-up, and manage warranty claims 

• Match-up and ratings: Find the right product for the right job

• Product/diagnostic information: Look-up the necessary parts for system that needs repair

• Documents and support: Easy access to product brochures, warranty certificates, IO manuals, and spec documents

The Metal Shop

At Johnstone Supply we pride ourselves on being a true “Solutions” provider. Our team will work with you oninitial design all the way through the installation process. Johnstone Supply owns and operatesa full service sheet metal shop right on the premises at our Dalton Avenue (Cincinnati) location

Energy Rebate

Save Energy and Save Money while doing it! 

Energy Rebate

IPL light Company - Indianapolis

Business Energy Incentive Program

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