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Experts In Metal Fabrication

At Johnstone Supply we pride ourselves on being a true “Solutions” provider. Our team will work with you oninitial design all the way through the installation process. Johnstone Supply owns and operatesa full service sheet metal shop right on the premises at our Dalton Avenue (Cincinnati) location. This ensures that your ductwork orother sheet metal requirements are met in a timely manner using the utmost in care and workmanship. HVAC/R Contractors all over the Charleston, West Virginia, Indianapolis and Tri-State Cincinnati areas rely on Johnstone Supply’s Sheet Metal Shop to deliver quality products made to exact specifications. This is accomplished using state-of-the-art technology and equipment, like our fully computerized plasma metal cutter.

Customs Applications        

Custom Curb Adapters

Curb adapters provide an efficient interface between an existing HVAC rooftop unit and a new replacement unit that feeds the heating and air conditioning to and from the building. The rooftop ports are built into a raised external assembly called a curb. Many of these rooftop HVAC curbs were originally set into the roof to accommodate old HVAC units that are either no longer in production or no longer the best choice for the building’s current needs. Let Johnstone Supply be Your Solution! Experts In Metal Fabrication

 We Stock Spiral Duct  
 We Stock Spiral Duct  

Commercial, Residential & Industrial -The primary use of Spiral duct applications is for HVAC. Spiral duct can now be found in numerous applications including:


Restaurants                                 Churches

Sports facilities                           Retail stores and malls

Community centers                   Schools and universities   

Clinics and hospitals                 Office buildings and warehouses

Materials we also stock include:

               • 26 gauge to 16 gauge galvanized sheet metal

               • 24 gauge to 20 gauge stainless steel

               • 16 gauge black iron (for welded duct)

               • 032 aluminum 48 * 120 and 36 * 120

               • Specialty metals and finishes for specific

                 architecture and construction project

                 available through special order

• Aluminum and Stainless Steel Pipe

• Welded Duct for Restaurant Exhaust

• Stainless or Aluminum Pipe 

• Custom Elbows and Transitions

• Wall louvers

• Terminal Units

• Vents

• Grease Duct Fabrication and Welding

• Fire Damper Sleeves and Retainers

• Unit Support and Curb Fabrication

• Drain Pans and Filter Racks

….and many more

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