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What if I told you, you could:

● Automate the ordering process with Johnstone Supply by up to 50% faster

● Shift employees into more revenue driving roles, not data entry people

● Get your guys in the field on more calls a day

● Eliminate entry errors

● Order whenever you wanted

● Get Faster order Cycle Time (orders flow straight from your system or method right into ours)


What if I told you this is available and ready for you today?


Is your productive time eaten away with redundant or manual purchase order entry? Could costly purchase order inaccuracies be avoided by using an automated order entry system?

Johnstone Supply’s DirectConnect makes it faster and easier for customers to fulfill accurate timely orders by eliminating dual or manual entry from the process. Our simple conversion process shaves minutes from every order cycle and raises the bar for accuracy and consistency. Your purchase enters the live order system immediately, directly from your POS system, so that you can get on with your business…even after hours!


DirectConnect is simple:

Your order.

Your method.

Straight into our system.

No more logging into other systems or faxing orders to Johnstone.

Your order.

Your method.

Straight into our system.


Ask your Johnstone sales rep today how to get involved and start making more profit!


What your peers are saying:


Just wanted to let you know how great DirectConnect has been. It is so convenient and easy to use. What used to take me at least half an hour to order now only takes a few minutes to email. Our orders are received by the warehouse right away and all we have to do is call and set them up for delivery. I am very pleased with the transition to DirectConnect and will continue using it in the future. – SERVICE MANAGER


I thought you would like to know that since we have gone to DirectConnect we have saved countless hours of manpower, and most of all inaccuracies!!! There WAS a time when we would go to [key account] jobs twice a day just to make sure the order was correct. These issues have disappeared and saved some serious $$$. Now that it is in place it’s hard to believe we did it any other way. Great job; you have helped my team relieve some stress from their daily job. – COUNTER MANAGER

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